Screen printing is THE traditional method for printing on t-shirts.

Our standard print process is screen printing with plastisol inks. This type of printing is printed “on” the shirt and can typically be felt with your hand. There are many different techniques we can use to achieve the desired look and feel you are after. We can thin down the ink to give you a soft feel with a vintage look.
Other screen printing services we offer include:

Water Based ink – These are transparent inks that have very little feel to the hand.. This type of printing traditionally worked best on light color shirts but with high opacity whites that are available now we can print water based ink on any color. 

Soft hand additive – This thins down the ink for a vintage look and a really soft hand feel.

Discharge – This is a process where we print a reactive ink on the shirt that removes the dye from shirt and replaces it with a water based pigment. This gives a nice, bright print on dark shirts with very little feel to the print that gets softer when you wash it.

Pricing is based on shirt style and quality, number of spots on the shirt we are printing, number of ink colors per print and total quantity of prints.

Screen fees are $20 per color/print location and are waived on reorders

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Plastisol Printing
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Discharge Printing
Soft Hand Printing