Our standard print process is screen printing with plastisol inks. This type of printing is printed “on” the shirt and can typically be felt with your hand. There are many different techniques we can use to achieve the desired look and feel you are after. We can thin down the ink to give you a soft feel with a vintage look.
Other screen printing services we offer include:

Water Based ink – These are transparent inks that have very little feel to the hand but are transparent. This type of printing works best on light colored shirts.
Discharge – This is a process where we print a reactive ink on the shirt that removes the dye from shirt and replaces it with a water based pigment. This gives a nice, bright print on dark shirts with very little feel to the print that gets softer when you wash it.

Pricing is based on shirt style and quality, number of spots on the shirt we are printing, number of ink colors per print and total quantity of prints.

Screen fees are $20 per color/print location and are waived on reorders

Embroidery is a great option for polos, jackets, backpacks and, of course, hats. Embroidery requires a 12 piece minimum order per design. Pricing is based on the size of the image. The larger an image the more stitches; the more stitches the longer the run will take. Designs must be digitized for the embroidery machines which is typically a one-time $50 fee.

More about Embroidery

We have 2 different methods of digital printing we use. CMYK only and CMYK + White.

Our CMYK only printing is a great option when printing only a few shirts or when you have a design that is photographic or has a lot of colors. The ink is waterbased and sits “in” the fibers of the shirt so you cant feel it. This process works best on white or very light colored shirts. For CMYK only printing there is NO MINIMUM!

CMYK only Pros:
No Minimums
No cost per color
No Setup fees
Prints photographic images well
Affordable at low volumes
Soft feel

Must print on white or light colored shirts
When printing on colored shirts the print color MUST be darker than the shirt

CMYK plus white ink is a great option when for digital printing on dark colored shirts. The process we use is a high solids white and CMYK overprint. The result is a super bright print with a feel similar to the thickness of a screen print but perfectly smooth. We have a 12 piece minimum order for DTG on darks and pricing is based on the size of the print and quantity.

Prints super bright on any color fabric or material.
Full color and photographic printing with no setups or cost per color
Low minimum vs screenprinting

Higher minumum than just CMYK printing
Larger images can be pricey at low quantities.

Screen Printing – 24 pieces per design
CMYK Direct to Garment (DTG) on white or light shirts – No Minimum
CMYK + White DTG – 12 Pieces
Embroidery – 12 Pieces  (we do not do one-offs, sorry)

Screen Printing – $20 per screen – One time
CMYK Direct to Garment (DTG) on white or light shirts – None
CMYK + White DTG – None
Embroidery – $50 – One time

We do accept customer supplied garments for decoration.  You can order through our email order form or order using our online designer and selecting “Customer Supplied” as the garment type.  When sending garments to the shop please include your name on the shipping label.

Note we only accept customer supplied garments under the condition that if they are lost, misprinted or damaged we are not responsible for the cost of replacing them.  We take every precaution to ensure your garments are taken care of and decorated correctly.

When supplying your own garments expect and account for a 1-2% spoilage rate.

We typically book out 2 weeks. Rush services are available and pricing depends on the time of the year , how busy we are, the availability of the garments, the difficulty of the job and how quickly the details can be finalized.  The easier it is for us to process the order the better.   Standard rush pricing is :

5 Days – add 35%

Next or same day – Add 100%

These prices are  “standard” but could be less or completely waived depending on the project. 

We will generally waive or discount rush fees on orders over 100 pieces with 1 or 2 ink colors.