Custom Embroidery is the perfect decoration for polo shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets and bags, makes great uniforms and corporate gifts, and gives your products a super high-end,  professional look.

With embroidery we take your logo and re-create it in our digitizing software that creates a file that the machine can understand. Good embroidery starts with a good digitized file and we use a network of professional digitizers so you can rest assured your finished products will look absolutely stunning.

One of the most import factors in the quality of embroidery is in how the file is digitized.  Digitizing is the process of recreating the artwork to be embroidered in the embroidery software.  Good digitizing is well thought out and is sort of an art and science combined, and we employ the best network of digitizes in the business.  We have in-house artists for quick turnarounds or some very talented freelancers we can use for more complex or more detailed designs.

Embroidery pricing is determined by the size and complexity of the design, the garments chosen, and the overall quantity of pieces produced. Base rates can be found in our pricing section, or for a more detailed quote, you can email your art and project specs to us.

Or check out our online catalog to get started.